GLASS CURTAINS Make your terrace, porch or balcony to be a cozier place even in winter. This installation allows you to close this space without losing the views. Make the most of your home space.

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RAILINGS Design and assembly of safety and tempered glass though different systems that go from glasses built in frame ( Q Railing, Comenza) to glasses suspended in minimalists ironworks.Suitable for terraces, stairs, balconies…

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INDOOR DECORS There are a vast number of glasses in the market that can be used onto our home or business design. Just propose it and we will advise you.

  BATH SCREENS Glass solutions to close your shower or bathtube. Tell us your idea and we will advise you. Wide catalogue of tailor made shower booths and shower screens with different kind of fixations.
  GLASS DOORS Installation of all type of glass doors, produced in security and tempered glasses; without frames, with closing doors springs, …
  MIRRORS Production and assembly of mirrors. Bevelled, circular, anti mist plaque mirrors…All to satisfy our clients´ needs. For bathrooms, gyms, dancing floors, decorative columns, stores, …
  REPLACEMENTS DUE BREAKING We replace glasses caused by breaking, regardless of the size and thickness. We offer speed and effectiveness upon client´s needs. We know that in most cases the speed in replacing is essential for your business or home.
  ALUMINIUM AND PVC JOINERY We work with the best providers in market, both for aluminium joinery either for Pcv. Doors, windows, mosquito nets, ceilings and closings with high quality finishing touch.
  SECURITY GLASSES Laying and replacement of security glasses. Experts in glasses of large volume( facades, ceilings, floors, etc.)